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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outer Limits 50th Anniversary Book Announced!

David J. Schow, the preeminent authority on All Things Outer Limits (and author of The Outer Limits Companion) has announced that a new TOL book is on the horizon, set for release sometime in the first quarter of 2014, celebrating the show's golden anniversary. Have a look:

I am all over this. In fact, I'll probably buy two copies just to be safe (readers will recall the tragic fate that befell my original copy of The Outer Limits Companion). Mr. Schow is a friend of this blog, and he's a super nice guy, so hopefully he'll sign a copy for me. I'll beg. I'll plead. I'll do whatever the hell it takes. I can't wait to dive into it.... here's hoping the following shot makes the cut (it's one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos from the series):

Is this a meme-worthy pic or what?  Expect some fun when we get to "Nightmare" in December.

I'm also highly intrigued by this "gallery event to be announced," and I'm seriously considering making the trek to LA to check it out. Bill Huelbig, any interest in another visit to the west coast?


  1. This 50th anniversary book is something to live for! (Oh yeah, that and my six-year-old daughter, too...) Just yesterday I dug out my 1999 GNP Crescendo edition of Schow's OLC, and I am amazed anew at its excellence: the organization, his insights, etc. I prize my copy even more after your experience last month, Craig. Don't get me wrong -- of course my dog can read! -- it's just that my copy (evidently like most others) is largely a collection of loose pages that I've kept in order so far, already risky even for human readership. PS: Startling Ebonite photo!

  2. I will have you, 50th anniversary book...

    Like Adrian, I have the '99 GNP Crescendo "big book". I may have mentioned it here before, but it is one of my favorite, check favorite collectible. I handle it with great care as every look up sheds pages from its binding.