Great men are forgiven their murderous wives!

Monday, October 7, 2013


Readers may recall the harrowing destruction of my beloved copy of the first printing of David J. Schow's Outer Limits Companion (actually, it was called The Outer Limits: The Official Companion back then), which I reported a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend, a mere six days later, a mysterious package arrived in my mailbox... from none other than Mr. Schow himself.

Mind. Completely. Blown. What an amazing surprise. Let this stand as a reaffirming testament to the fact that voices can carry a long way across this World Wide Web we've all surrendered our lives to. DJS, if you're reading this---- I can't possibly thank you enough. The fact that you wrote the book at all is enough of a gift for a mega-fan like me, but this? Karma is finally paying me back for all those orphans I saved from that chemical fire that one time.*

My good friend Bill Huelbig, who lives all the way across the country in New Jersey, is one of the lucky few who possesses a copy of the rare second edition. I'm not gonna lie, I've seethed with jealousy on a number of occasions (actually, truth be told, I'm jealous of him for a lot of reasons). Well Bill....I might just have one up on you now.

*I might've dreamed that, actually. Seemed real enough at the time, though.


  1. You lucky bastard. I don't believe it. Total win, man.

  2. Wow. That counts as a genuine Brush With Greatness. I interpret it as your entry into the Inner Circle of "Outer Limits Guys". It also re-confirms Schow's reputation as the patron saint of OL advocacy (and what a generous, thoughtful thing to do). It's "one step beyond" the outer limits of cool.

  3. I found this book before I ever saw the show and read it over and over. Congrats.