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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

VHS Cover Heaven

My love of the Outer Limits VHS covers borders on the irrational, so I thought I'd get 'em together in one big group shot. I'm considering have a 20x30 poster printed up.... 

Ain't they beautiful? The DVDs don't come close, and I don't expect the Blu-rays to either. I mean sure, we get dramatically improved sound and picture, but there's something so satisfying about gazing lovingly at a complete collection of physical objects....

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!!

Get out your sweaters and mittens, kids, because hell just froze over: The Outer Limits is finally coming to Blu-ray. And those cheap bastards at MGM are NOT the ones releasing it.

The pic above kinda says it all. Here's hoping for audio commentaries by my friend David J. Schow (author of The Outer Limits Companion and The Outer Limits at 50), not to mention John Scoleri and Peter Enfantino of We Are Controlling Transmission fame. And hey, why not Gary Gerani too? And hey, I sure as hell won't say no if I'm asked to contribute anything. 

Watch this space for updates.