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Saturday, October 26, 2013

William O. Douglas Jr.: An Outer Limits Visual Résumé

Well, I'm an idiot. I stupidly neglected to mention William O. Douglas Jr. in my spotlight of "The Galaxy Being" last month. He was the man inside the Andromedan costume, the inaugural Outer Limits "bear," so he was certainly more than  deserving. However, his importance to the TOL universe is much broader than that: he appeared in a total of four episodes, and inhabited three different alien/monster get-ups (his fourth appearance was actually a human character; however, he did wind up getting hunchbacked, so there's that). To atone for my egregious omission, I've prepared a special spotlight of his work on the show.

Andy the Andromedan ("The Galaxy Being")

The Ghost of Private Gordon/The Ice Ghost ("The Human Factor")

Henry Castle ("The Invisibles")

Aabel of Eros ("The Children of Spider County")


  1. The importance of Andy goes without saying. However, Aabel of Eros is an underrated bear (as far as his looks go).

  2. its nice , you should know the limitation as well but making visual resume is the need of the hour also but make sure it effective rather than just over expressive

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  3. Jr. died at age 56.
    IMDb lists the same birthdate as the above link does.

  4. He was also the uncredited alien creature in OBIT, a first season episode of TOL.