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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Horror! The Horror!!!

Fans and collectors are no doubt familiar with the MGM/UA VHS releases from the 1990's. I used to own roughly half of the 48 volumes, which I sold off at some point (probably once the DVD sets rendered them obsolete). I've found myself regretting this over the last couple of years, due to their beautifully-designed box art. I've actually considered recollecting the tapes just to acquire high-resolution scans of them... I still might, actually.

For now, I've been scouring the internet for usable scans for the past few weeks. I did manage to find a website with decent scans of most of them, which you'll find here. However, six volumes aren't represented, so my search isn't quite finished. Imagine my shock and revulsion when I stumbled across the following this morning:

Sold through Etsy, these "recycled notebooks" are just that: VHS boxes re-purposed as notebook covers.  I was initially horrified by the blatant butchery, but I suppose it's a semi-clever (not to mention environmentally sound) idea... and those covers are still beautiful to behold. They're eight bucks plus shipping, if you're interested.  For my purposes, buying the VHS tapes is still a cheaper proposition.

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