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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Artist Spotlight: freakstorm2 (aka Blake Cotton)

Reader Adrian Leverkuehn brought the following video to my attention and, given the fact that we're celebrating "The Galaxy Being" this week, his timing is perfect. It's called "End of Transmission," and it's an eerie, hypnotic thing of beauty. As a fan of electronic/ambient music, it's right up my alley. Do check it out.

We have Blake Cotton, known on YouTube as freakstorm2, to thank for this amazing video. You'll find other cool videos on his YouTube channel, in which he re-purposes footage from sci-fi/horror films and TV shows to accompany his music (if you like Star Trek or Barbarella, you need to head over there now!).  I'm seriously digging this guy's stuff. I'll bet you will too.

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