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Monday, September 9, 2013

T-minus 1 Week....

The Outer Limits turns 50 one week from today, and a quick Google search has turned up two very interesting celebrations.

At The Horse Hospital in London (no, it's not an actual hospital for horses; Wikipedia describes it as an arts venue "which caters for literary and spoken word events, underground film and avant-garde media screenings, and visual art exhibitions"), three episodes are being screened on 9/16/2013. First and foremost, the series' pilot "The Galaxy Being" is on the schedule, followed by a Robert Culp double feature ("The Architects of Fear" and "Demon with a Glass Hand"). Details can be found here.

A bit closer to home, the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention (last month on 8/18/2013) included a 50th anniversary tribute to the series. Several show alumni appeared and signed autographs, including Jacqueline Scott ("The Galaxy Being," "Counterweight"), Peter Mark Richman ("The Borderland," "The Probe"), and the impossibly gorgeous Joanna Frank (Regina the bee girl from "ZZZZZ"). I just found out about this today.... had I known a month ago, I probably would've sold a kidney to make the trip down there to meet her.



  1. Dude, whoever you are, this blog is the first rival to books that I've ever seen! Well done! Incredible! I don't know computer stuff or how to sign up- hopefully I'll figure it out- I'm trolleard at Verizon dot net, but this site truly rivals the outstanding David Schow books, which are tied with Greg Mank's masterpieces as my favorite readings! Thank you!

  2. Holy cow! I just posted a comment on "Wolf 359" where I mentioned the actress' "rack", and I happened to pick this as my next review to read. Are you sure they didn't make Ms. Frank add something to the decolletage? I mean, she's lying down but those things are still practically bursting out of her clothing. Maybe they're her stingers? Anyway, I'm getting my mind out of the gutter long enough to say that I thought they did a great job of making Ms. Frank look otherworldly, softly and gauzily mysterious, and I thought the photography is what made this so enjoyable for me. If I had ever stopped to question anything on this show, I would probably never have fallen in love with it.