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Friday, February 7, 2014

Woody Welch Unveils His Fourth Outer Limits Painting....

As previously reported, our friend Woody Welch has been commissioned to create five Outer Limits paintings for the upcoming gallery show at Creature Features in mid-March. So far he's tackled Regina the Bee Girl from "ZZZZZ," The Box Demon from "Don't Open Till Doomsday," and the Ichthyosaurus Mercurius from "Tourist Attraction." Today he revealed his fourth work on Facebook: Chill Charlie from "The Human Factor"!

Woody indicates that he used a butter knife to achieve Charlie's unique texture.... I'm still laughing as I type this. And his timing couldn't be better, as much of the nation is experiencing extreme winter conditions, which the media has dubbed "Polar Vortex"; however, I prefer my friend Guy Wettstein's title:

Like a good soldier, I haven't missed any work due to our atypical (once every 4-5 years, maybe) blizzard-type situation. Here's a shot from my commute to work yesterday (2/06/14):

I have nowhere to go all weekend, and I've got plenty of snacks and beer... so yeah, I'm set.

Anyway.... that leaves one more Woody Welch painting to be revealed... any guesses?


  1. Ooh, yeah, that would be a good one!

  2. We really could have dozens! Robert Culp contemplating his hand in Demon With A Glass Hand would be amazing in a Woody Welch version. Robert Duvall as the manufactured alien "from a warm yellow planet" in The Chameleon, or Steve Inhat as a (normal?) human being in The Inheritors... or David McCallum just being Tone Hobart...