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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Stitch in Time of Sorts.

Since we started this 50th anniversary celebration of The Outer Limits, we've been fortunate that the actual 50th anniversary of each episode has fallen on the same day of the week as the original broadcast. That’s about to change: 1964 was a Leap Year, which means the month of February had 29 days instead of the usual 28. 2014, however, is not a Leap Year, which means that, as of tomorrow, we’re one day ahead of the original schedule. How will this affect things around here, you ask?

I could simply continue publishing my episode spotlights on Mondays to avoid throwing off my personal schedule (I do quite a bit of work on the blog on Sundays, right down to the wire, so this was my initial thought). I’m more inclined, however, to favor the actual original broadcast date, so I can exactly match the 50th anniversary of each episode. With that in mind, starting with next week’s episode (“Second Chance”), I’ll be publishing my episode spotlights on Sunday instead of Monday.

Some of you may have noticed that I frequently post my spotlights on the evening prior to the actual 50th anniversary, something of a “soft opening.” Does this mean that I’ll start posting the spotlights on Saturday now? Um… hell no. I mean, if it’s done, sure. But don’t count on it. Odds are you’ll be seeing each new spotlight appear in the wee hours of the morning on Sundays. But I imagine most of y’all will continue checking in on Mondays as you have been.  I doubt any of you will adjust your weekend routines for this of all things; you all have lives after all and, more importantly, Sundays are for sleeping in.

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