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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Season Two arrives on Blu-ray!

Hey gang.... yeah, I know, it's been a DAMN long time since I've posted anything. Sue me.

So THE OUTER LIMITS Season Two has dropped, and it's magnificent.* Don't believe me? Just ask Glenn Erickson, the esteemed CineSavant himself:

CineSavant Review

Yours truly recorded four, count 'em, FOUR commentary tracks this time around (after contributing three for the Season One set earlier this year). You'll hear my annoying voice droning on incessantly on the following episodes:

Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Demon with a Glass Hand
The Invisible Enemy
Wolf 359

I dunno, maybe these are a bit better than my season one offerings...? I dunno, I'm way too close to these things to possess any semblance of an impartial view.

Longtime readers of the blog will recall my frequent MGM-bashing over the lack of a Blu-ray release for the series, especially when the show turned 50. The series turns 55 this year (actually, it already did, back on September 15th), so I guess the additional five years didn't kill me. My ire is still as strong as ever toward MGM, though, since they aren't even the ones releasing these sets.... we can all thank Kino Lorber for that.

* There's a bit of an audio problem on the episode "Soldier." The entirety of act two is marred by bad audio. I mean, like, REALLY bad. It starts out okay, then gradually blooms into full-on obnoxious-as-hell warbling. Check it out:

Kino will be offering replacement discs in early 2019, so don't let this gaff stop you from purchasing. 


  1. Hello Craig.
    It's great to have you back again.
    I really enjoyed your analysis of "Demon With a Glass Hand."
    That episode is a classic from the beginning till the end.
    Anyway, thank you for all you do and keep up the great work.


  2. Craig,
    Thank you for all you've done with this blog, which has been very fun to read as I re-watch the series on the new blu-ray sets. Thank you also for letting us know that the audio on the Series Two discs is off--I was afraid there was something wrong with my player! Do you have any information on how Kino Lorber will be offering replacement discs, or when? I sent them an e-mail, but got no answer. Any light you could shed would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again,
    CJ Beiting

    1. All I know is that we're supposed to email them our information, and replacement discs are coming.... um, soonish. Honestly, I have no idea.

  3. It's great to have the second season, and I look forward to listening to your commentary, after I rewatch the episodes. (Too bad about the audio problem on Soldier; I was saving it as one of my last rewatches.) In his booklet essay, I understand why David Schow goes through all the production troubles the second season had. But I don't think he is entirely fair about the quality of the outcome. Many of the season two episodes have a strange charm to them, sometimes for the very reasons that Schow says they are a failure. I'll just give one example: I still enjoy the quirky Behold Eck! (partly because of a great job by Lind Hayes).

  4. I was looking for photos of David McCallum for the #1stTVCrush and found your blog! I was ten years old when Outer Limits was originally broadcast and I loved it. Great blog!