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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Possible Blu-Ray Cover Art...?

Here's something making the rounds on the ol' interwebs.... 

Could we be looking at the cover art for the Outer Limits: Season 1 Blu-ray set, coming March 27th? I dunno. There's no Blu-ray logo on it, for one thing. And quite honestly, I'm not crazy about it. Too... busy, I guess. I'm not sure I want ANY characters displayed... I'd prefer something starker. Just the logo, and the iconic sine wave behind it. Something stately. Classy. Minimalist. But I dunno. If that's the real thing, I can live with it. The important thing is---- we're finally getting the show in high definition and, as a pretty reliable source tells me, there's gonna be a whole lotta commentary tracks. More on that later....

Hey... this is our 100th post!


  1. I'm with you. Minimalist.

    But "bears" on the cover will sell more units to the uninitiated.

  2. This cover had been used previously for Region 2 DVD releases.

  3. The realised cover designs on the Blu-ray releases are okay, just wish they'd have used something more durable to contain the discs. Enjoyed your S1 & 2 commentaries, Craig, certainly livened-up something like the S2 bore-fest 'Cold Hands, Warm Heart'. I'm near the end of S2, with 'Behold, Eck!" remaining (saving the worst till last).