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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Forms of Statistics Unknown...

So you read blogs (since you're reading this one, I can only assume you read others as well). Well, d'ya ever wonder which specific blog entries are the most popular, i.e. the most frequently viewed? I sure do.... but since I'm clearly an internet amateur, I had no idea I could actually track this.

There are multiple different time periods available to me, but I chose two to share: this week (top) and all-time (bottom). Check 'em out: 

Looks like folks are partial to "I, Robot" this week (I can't imagine why)... but holy shit! "ZZZZZ" is far and away the single most-accessed entry of all time! I'd love to credit my writing, but I'm pretty sure it's the many pictures of the supremely gorgeous Joanna Frank (not to mention that hot Woody Welch painting).

One more: here are the blog's all-time page views:

Wow, the big 100K isn't far off. It just amazes (and humbles me) that people are still reading this blog. You like me, you really like me!

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