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Thursday, January 30, 2014

David J. Schow's The Outer Limits at 50 now available for pre-order!

The title kinda says it all. Here's the product description from Creature Features:

A one-of-a-kind book, THE OUTER LIMITS AT 50, written and edited by David J. Schow, author of the essential OUTER LIMITS COMPANION, presents over 150 new pages of rare photographs and collectibles, many unearthed here for the first time ever.

Published exclusively by Creature Features, this limited trade paperback is jam-packed with never-before-published publicity and making of photos, five decades of rare merchandise, plus new OUTER LIMITS artworks from Bernie Wrightson, Tim Bradstreet, Steve Bissette, and more!

The book ships in late March. All copies pre-ordered before March 17th will come hand-signed by the author!

$24.95 plus shipping. Seems insanely cheap, doesn't it? Everyone should probably order two...


  1. Just pre-ordered the all new "Outer Limts at 50" book by David J. Schow. Scheduled to ship in late March. Pumped!!!

  2. Something appears to be amiss at Creature Features. I pre-ordered this book yesterday morning. The charge for the book hit my credit card immediately, yet I've received NO RECEIPT for the purchase.

    I thought that was odd so I logged into their website and they show my order as CANCELLED. However, no explanation as to why (or no refund).

    I sent them an email to see what the problem is. I certain want the book but something smells at the moment.

  3. Update to my order dilemma...

    Creature Features has quickly responded to my email, explaining that "There was a glitch in one of our store settings that caused some of our early orders to read as 'cancelled,'" (as an IT guy, the term 'glitch' makes me twinge).

    They assured my that my order is not cancelled. So hooray!

  4. Aw man, I wish I had heard of this before the author's autograph deadline had passed. But still, I'm happy to learn of this through your blog, and just ordered a copy post haste. Thanks for the info. I'll be waiting with bated breath.

  5. Just received my March 3 order and no autograph!

    1. I take that back, it's on the title page inside!

  6. This book is incredible. Does it get any cooler than this? I asked that question with the first edition of The Companion, the release of the VHS tapes, The release of the DVDs, the releases of Dominic Frontiere's just keeps getting better with age.