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Saturday, March 23, 2019


Our (okay, MY) Twilight Zone podcast, Between Light and Shadow, has once again been nominated for a coveted Rondo Hatton Horror Award. I hope longtime readers of this blog are also faithful listeners of the podcast... I also hope (rather fervently) that each and every one of you will cast a vote in our favor. We're up against some seriously stiff competition (including Tom Elliot's The Twilight Zone Podcast, which won last year), but I think we can take it... with YOUR help. Please take a couple of minutes to click on the link above (or here, if you're extra lazy) and cast your vote for us (okay, ME). All it takes is a quick email to highly encourage you to look through all the categories and nominees and vote for some (or all) of them, but MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you indicate that in Category #20 (Best Multimedia Site, which podcasts fall under) you vote for Between Light and Shadow: A Twilight Zone Podcast. It's the first one on the list, so you can't miss it. 2019 is the 60th Anniversary of The Twilight Zone, so a vote for us (okay, ME) is actually a vote for both the series and the legacy of Rod Serling himself. The deadline is April 20th, so go vote RIGHT NOW while you're thinking about it. I really need a win, gang. This is the third year in a row we've (okay, I'VE) been nominated, and I really want to believe that the third time's the charm. Thanks in advance, and kids... play nice.

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  1. Hi Craig, I just watched and listened to your audio commentary on The Outer Limits episode The Invisible Enemy. Are you still looking for music cue by Harry Lubin during scene where actor gazes upon sand lake, then visualizes ocean scape. Violins, harp.