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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Repeat Report: Summer 1964 (Part 2)

The second half of The Outer Limits' summer 1964 schedule started on 7/13/1964 with... well, nothing. The show was pre-empted that week, as it would be again a couple of months later. With two holes in the schedule, it's particularly mystifying that "The Special One" was aired not once, but twice... and those airings were only a month apart. Madness, I tells ya, madness!

7/13/64: N/A (no episode broadcast)

7/20/64: The Special One

7/27/64: ZZZZZ

8/03/64: Fun and Games

8/10/64: The Chameleon

8/17/64: The Special One
(2nd airing!)

8/24/64: N/A (no episode broadcast)


  1. I wonder if "The Special One" really was rerun twice. Maybe a live news report, or a special that wasn't included in contemporary TV listings for some reason, preempted the first repeat.

  2. The July 13th 1964 rerun was preempted because that was the first day of the Republican National Convention. The August 24th 1964 rerun was preempted for the same reason, in this case the Democratic National Convention.

  3. It's really no mystery why "The Special One" would get two repeat airings: it stars a 13-year-old boy (The Outer Limits' primary audience).