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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Creature Features Gallery Show details announced!

Okay kids, the details have been announced...

David J. Schow's new The Outer Limits at 50 will be available for sale at the show, so if you haven't already already pre-ordered your copy(ies), and you're gonna be in Burbank on the 22nd... well, you get the idea. I sadly will NOT be able to attend, which breaks my heart. I was really looking forward to meeting Schow and my buddy Woody Welch face to face, but evidently fate has other plans.

If you can't be there on the 22nd either, the exhibit runs through April 12th. If you haven't ordered the book yet, do so here. All pre-orders before March 17th will be signed by the author, so don't delay!

The man himself, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

I've shared this before, but it's definitely worth another look. Here's a deliriously intoxicating flip-through....

The book should ship later this month. Not long now....


  1. I'll finally be pre-ordering mine today or tomorrow. Very excited about reading this book! I still remember getting my copy of The Outer Limits Companion right when it came out back in 1986.

  2. Me too! I'd seen an ad for it in Twilight Zone Magazine, and snapped it up as soon as it came out. Almost 30 years later, and it's still the best TV show companion book ever written.

  3. My original Outer Limits Companion is so beat up but still together and is the most read book of my entire life. I ordered The Outer Limits at 50 and should receive it tomorrow (April 23). I used to think I was the only person who loved the show as much as I did and do but over the years I have found out that the controlled voice was not just talking to me individually. He always returned my television set but never returned my brain.

  4. GOT IT TODAY!!!!!!!! I am mysteriously in AWE!