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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Stoney Burke Mystery Cue

A couple of weeks back, I discussed a music cue in the episode "O.B.I.T." that I was unable to identify. Because I couldn't locate it in the three-disc TOL soundtrack collection from La La Land Records, I presumed that it came from Dominic Frontiere's work on Stoney Burke, the Daystar Productions series that directly preceded The Outer Limits. Well, thanks to reader Adrian Leverkuehn's assistance, my presumption has been verified.

In the "Joby" episode of Stoney Burke (which guest stars TOL alums Robert Duvall and Joyce Van Patten), the cue is heard very early on in act one. Have a look/listen:

Adrian also observes that the cue will be heard on The Outer Limits again, in "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork" and "The Bellero Shield." Thanks for the assist, Adrian!

Although Stoney Burke is a western series, it utilizes a variety of locations and moods, which sometimes necessitates different musical approaches ("The Weapons Man" episode features eastern compositions by Frontiere that predates his score for TOL's "The Hundred Days of the Dragon," for example).  However, the Stoney Burke/Outer Limits overlap isn't always limited to music. In the "Forget No More" episode, the entire prologue looks and sounds like it came straight out of The Outer Limits:

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  1. Wow! That "Forget No More" clip is pretty freaky. Not to mention that vision of loveliness, whoever she is.