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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry ECKsmas, Bill!

Merry Christmas to all my fellow Outer Limits fans out there, but one fan in particular is the focus of this greeting: My dear friend Bill Huelbig. Bill (who was around to catch the series when it originally aired) re-watched the entire series, an episode at a time, as each episode celebrated its 40th anniversary (2003-2005). As The Twilight Zone neared its 50th anniversary in 2009, I decided to do the same thing, which I've been chronicling over at My Life in the Shadow of The Twilight Zone. So I guess that makes Bill the true father of that blog (and, by association, this one too). So now any potential readers, there and here, know who to thank (or blame, as the case may be).

The Eck pictured above is a Dimensional Designs model, which is wending its way to Bill via Priority Mail as I type this... hopefully it arrives before Christmas. He's always had a special fondness for the little guy.

The Outer Limits doesn't turn 50 for a couple more years, but I'm starting this blog early (well, obviously). Just don't expect regular posts until we get closer to September 2013....

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